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OpenSilver 2.0 Launches with VB.NET Support and Over
100 New Features!

Update October 27, 2023: v2.0.1.1 hotfix released.

Recent Developments, Changelog, and Nightly builds:

The OpenSilver team is very active, pushing dozens of commits every month.

  • Stable release builds of the OpenSilver NuGet package are available on NuGet here.



  • 2024-2025: 
    • The Live XAML Preview that was introduced in OpenSilver 2.0 will progressively become a full-fledged WYSIWYG designer with drag-and-drop 
    • New Documentation
    • Improved NET CLI support
    • Improved macOS support
    • Improved VS Code support
    • Improved support for migrating WPF applications (in addition to Silverlight)
    • Support for Microsoft LightSwitch (note: our current approach is to reimplement it because we don’t have the source code… let us know if you think you might be able to help!)
    • Ability to import Blazor components inside your XAML-based OpenSilver application
    • F# support to create web apps with F# and XAML
    • The awesome PivotViewer control by Microsoft Labs will make a comeback 🙂
    • New releases of XR#, the 3D and AR/VR toolkit built atop OpenSilver
    • More extensive examples, case studies, and cool demos
    • And lots of other great new features… Stay tuned!

Are you excited about any of these upcoming features? You can accelerate their delivery via our professional services. Please contact us for more information.

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