OpenSilver 2.0 Launches with VB.NET Support and Over 
100 New Features

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OpenSilver 2.0 has landed with over 100 awesome new features!

For the first time ever, VB.NET enthusiasts can join the fun, crafting web apps with Visual Basic and XAML. But wait, there’s more! Leverage smooth integration with popular frameworks like Blazor, React, and Angular — no needed to start your OpenSilver app from scratch! Witness your creations come to life with a live XAML preview, and say hello again to a classic from the Silverlight days — the Business Application project template, powered by RIA Services for building complex line-of-business apps with ease. Dive right in with our Sample CRM, a practical starter kit for your upcoming projects. And so much more.

Hold on, because we have a secret, upcoming new feature that is unique in the .NET world, and we’re revealing it today as a sneak peek. Read below to discover what it is, explore what’s on the horizon, and join us as we embark on this thrilling journey together with OpenSilver 2.0!

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Discover what's new in OpenSilver 2.0

"OpenSilver 2.0 is a giant leap forward, ensuring .NET and XAML continue to thrive in today's web development landscape. We are not just reviving but transcending the spirit of Silverlight."
- Giovanni Albani, CEO at Userware

Discover what's new in OpenSilver 2.0

"OpenSilver 2.0 is a giant leap forward, ensuring .NET and XAML continue to thrive in today's web development landscape. We are not just reviving but transcending the spirit of Silverlight."
- Giovanni Albani, CEO at Userware


New Features Highlights

VB.NET Support

OpenSilver now offers the possibility for XAML-based web app development, or migration of legacy applications, for the Visual Basic community.

Frameworks integration

Compatibility with Blazor, React, and Angular.

Design-time Live XAML Preview

Previewing UI changes without running the application.

Business Application Project Template

Accelerating robust enterprise application creation with ready-to-use templates, powered by RIA Services (doc).

Open-Source Sample CRM Application

An actionable, real-world example for developing business applications (link).

Enhanced Layout System

Supporting custom layouts and third-party controls, including Telerik UI for Silverlight.

Faster Simulator

Up to 10x speed improvement for swift development cycles and refined debugging.

Plus, a mind-blowing secret feature...

...scroll to the end to discover it (Technology Preview)

And, over 100 Additional New Features

and uplifted performance.

VB.NET Support

OpenSilver 2.0 introduces support for VB.NET, allowing a wider range of developers to build web apps using their preferred language, Visual Basic, and XAML.

This new feature offers a positive message to the Visual Basic community, giving reassurance that their preferred language holds firm ground in cutting-edge development environments. This update provides a much-needed option for those passionate about VB.NET to continue creating innovative web applications, or migrate legacy applications to the modern web.

Blazor, React, and Angular integration

OpenSilver offers seamless integration with web frameworks like Angular and React for partial legacy app migrations.


Furthermore, We have recently unveiled "XAML for Blazor", which enables developers to integrate OpenSilver into ongoing Blazor projects without a complete rewrite. More information can be found at

Design-time Live XAML Preview

OpenSilver 2.0 now enables real-time XAML previews at design-time, accelerating the development cycle by allowing developers to instantly visualize the result while coding.

This paves the way for future enhancements, like a WYSIWYG drag-and-drop designer, made possible only with XAML’s static nature. This not only sets it apart from other web development approaches but also aims to bring back the golden days of rapid application development (RAD).

Business Application Project
Template (RIA Services)

Bringing back a valued feature from the Silverlight days, OpenSilver 2.0 introduces a Business Application project template, backed by RIA Services, that allows developers to build advanced enterprise and line-of-business (LOB) apps more efficiently.

RIA Services, a server-side technology, automatically creates client-side objects and offers a distinctive client-side EntityFramework experience, while streamlining all aspects of client-server solutions. It removes the need for redundant boilerplate code and enhances security, allowing developers to shift their focus more toward business logic. It handles a range of tasks, including querying, validation, client-side entity caching, change tracking, and batch updates, thereby smoothing the development process and strengthening application robustness.

Watch the video of the OpenSilver 2.0 announcement for a tutorial where a business app is created in only 120 seconds.

Read the documentation here.

Open-Source Sample CRM Application

Explore OpenSilver's Business Application template through the open-source sample CRM application, serving as a real-world example and starting point for new projects.

Available on GitHub: (link)

Enhanced Layout System

This release brings an enhanced layout system, allowing developers to design custom layouts by inheriting from Panel and overriding the Measure and Arrange methods.

It supports an array of third-party controls, including Telerik UI for Silverlight, facilitating customization and optimization while boosting performance compared to the previous CSS-based system.

Faster Simulator

The enhanced Simulator in OpenSilver 2.0 delivers up to a 10x speed increase, powered by the WebView2 control and the latest embedded Chromium control. It provides developers with powerful debugging features typical of developing desktop applications. The Simulator executes applications leveraging the capabilities of .NET Framework/Core, enabling detailed inspection like memory profiling and allowing live execution of code via the Immediate window.

Over 100 Additional New Features and
Enhanced Performance

OpenSilver 2.0 does not stop here. With over 100 new features and significant performance improvements, especially in Ahead-of-Time (AOT) compilation, applications are assured to run smoother and faster.

The full change-log is accessible here.

100+ New Features

Read the Full Change Log

Focusing on theFuture

The majority of original Silverlight features have now been revitalized in OpenSilver 2.0, enhancing performance along the way. Userware now focuses beyond mere feature restoration, envisioning what might have been if the original Silverlight team had perpetuated their innovative journey.

New tools are on the horizon, such as a WYSIWYG XAML designer, alongside revamps in documentation, augmented support for WPF, LightSwitch, and F#



Mind-blowing 3D and Mixed Reality support coming soon

We are also venturing into unexplored domains like 3D and VR/AR on the Web using .NET and XAML.

Watch the video of the OpenSilver 2.0 announcement to see it in action, or head over to to download the Technology Preview.

Get Started Today!

Embark on this journey with us. Download the OpenSilver 2.0 SDK today and shape the future. Your creations inspire us, and we eagerly await to see the wonders you weave with OpenSilver 2.0.

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