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A sample application made with OpenSilver. It contains examples and code snippets that you can reuse to build your own apps.

This application is written entirely in C# and XAML, and compiled to WebAssembly using OpenSilver.

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Success Stories

Migrations from Silverlight to

Group 73

Whizz  is an education company specialising in online services and digital learning strategy. The company’s internal database management application shown below was migrated from Silverlight to CSHTML5.

II was impressed with the level of commitment, technical ability and support from Userware from the very beginning. They immediately understood my problem and worked with me to position the application and its dependencies into a state where they could migrate it. I very much appreciated their level of professionalism and thoroughness and commitment to quality.”

Bill McLaughlin, CTO

USA, Florida



The application uses many of the Silverlight features, including the built-in DataGrid and WCF SOAP communications. The structure of the Visual Studio solution has remained the same. More than 99% of the original C# and XAML code has been preserved:

Original source code

Migrated source code

The application now runs on all modern browsers without requiring users to install any plugin.

“We were able to create an application that worked in all browsers and looked identical to the current one – thus requiring no training or support. We can work in Chrome and Firefox and the staff are very happy.” – Bill McLaughlin, CTO

StratX is a management development firm founded in 1984. StratX empowers managers to facilitate and drive sustainable and profitable growth. Working with many of the world’s leading corporations, StratX promotes change at the commercial heart of business in strategy, marketing and sales.

The STAR application, which leverages an impressive number of Silverlight features, has been migrated from Silverlight to CSHTML5 in only 10 days of work (1 developer). The look-and-feel has been fully preserved, with an attention to detail down to the pixel level.





Group 73


Group 73

OpenSilver is a replacement for Silverlight that provides a fast and cost effective path for migration, without compromising the look or functionality. Resulting apps run on all modern browsers without the need to install a plug-in.

The migration works by replacing the Silverlight development tools with the OpenSilver tools (download here). You keep coding in C# and XAML like you did before the migration, thus leveraging the extensive documentation, tutorials, and samples that were made for Silverlight. You can implement or work around missing features by importing equivalent .NET Standard or JavaScript libraries.

Since OpenSilver is fully open-source (source here), based on industry standards (WebAssembly, HTML), and compatible with .NET Standard and JavaScript, it is a durable solution that lets you be self-sufficient and independent for many years to come.

Userware – the company behind OpenSilver – is available to provide professional support and to assist you through your migration, ensuring that all the features of your original Silverlight application work great under OpenSilver.

Group 79

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For do-it-yourself migrations, be sure to ask about a Silverlight Migration Support Plan, which contains everything you need to quickly get up and running, including support and assistance from our core team.

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