Group 73

We are Hiring!

We are looking for talented and passionate people to join the OpenSilver team!

Group 73

At the moment we are looking for:

  • An Evangelist / Developer Advocate / DevRel with a strong desire to help spread the word about OpenSilver ( and/or XR# (
Please contact to apply.
Let’s talk!

To apply, please send an email to with:

  1. The reason why we should choose you rather than another developer => Please let us know if you have made anything notable in the Microsoft community, such as if you are the author of a library, if you are a Microsoft MVP, if you are a speaker, if you have started programming at an early age and have created notable personal projects, or if you have anything else that may be worth mentioning to differentiate you from the other applicants
  2. Your reason for applying => Why would you like to work specifically on OpenSilver?
  3. Your availability => When would you be available to start? From which time to which time would you be available every day?
  4. Your hourly rate and practical terms => If you have an profile, please send us its link, it would make it very easy to get started working together. Alternatively, please let us know if you have previous experience as a contractor and how you usually work from a contract point of view.

  1. Expert in C#, XAML, and .NET (Visual Studio)
  2. Good knowledge of Microsoft technologies and the Microsoft development stack (IIS, SSMS...)
  3.  Very good knowledge of at least one of the following UI technologies: UWP (WinUI), WPF or Silverlight
  4. Basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML
  5. Very solid foundation in Computer Science, Algorithm Design, Data Structures, Mathematics, and Performance Optimization (Big O notation...)
  6. Highly productive, fast worker, self-learner, ability to work on very complex topics with short deadlines, both independently and as part of a team, proven desire to constantly learn new skills, interested in new technologies...
  7. Good English communication (spoken and written)
  8. Availability to work full-time (at least 6 hours per day during working days)

  1. Full-time (at least 6 hours per day during working days)
  2. Ongoing long-term engagement (after 6-week trial)
  3. Work remotely (the company is based in Paris, France, but the team is spread across many countries)
  4. Work as a contractor on an hourly basis (ideally via, but other contracts are possible too)
Note: for the developer position, please do not apply if you have many other ongoing projects in parallel or if you think that you might not always be available full-time or in the long run.

For the developer position, depending on your profile, we may ask you some technical questions during the interview. Coding questions may require writing code in a Notepad window via screen-sharing.

Please contact for any questions. Please also refer to the section above "How to apply".