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The OpenSilver team is very active, pushing dozens of commits every month.





  • [May/June 2023] - OpenSilver 1.2
    • New optional "Blazor for OpenSilver" component to add support for Razor and Blazor components in OpenSilver!
      • You will soon be able to mix and match .XAML and .Razor files in the same project
      • Leverage the large ecosystem of Blazor 3rd-party libraries without the need for any interop
      • Seamlessly integrate Blazor controls within your XAML, including Radzen (free), Telerik UI for Blazor, DevExpress Blazor UI, Syncfusion Blazor Components, and many more
      • After migrating a legacy app from Silverlight, you can now further modernize it using Blazor
    • Support for .NET 7 in all application projects (instead of .NET Standard 2.0)
    • 2x faster Simulator
    • Improved overall performance and memory allocation
    • Dozens of improvements and bug fixes (we'll post the full changelog soon - for now you can read the Commit History)
  • [Aug/Sept 2023] - OpenSilver 2.0
    • UPDATE: A Private Preview of v2.0 with VB.NET support is now available for download! Please contact us to get the download link
    • VB.NET Support (in addition to C#) will turn OpenSilver into the only tool available to build Web apps using VB.NET and XAML
  • 2023-2025:
    • XAML Designer!
    • Gallery of ready-to-use controls created by wrapping popular JS libraries
    • NET CLI support
    • macOS support
    • "Business Application" project template to easily get started with RIA Services
    • Improved support for migrating WPF applications (in addition to Silverlight)
    • Support for Microsoft LightSwitch (note: our current approach is to reimplement it because we don't have the source code... let us know if you think you might be able to help!)
    • F# support to create web apps with F# and XAML
    • The awesome PivotViewer control will make a comeback :)
    • More extensive examples, case studies, and cool demos
    • And lots of other great new features... Stay tuned!

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