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Q2 2021:

  • AOT compilation, for massively improved performance
    status: AOT is expected to be available in one of the upcoming .NET 6 Preview releases, in Q2 2021
  • Support for Telerik UI for Silverlight (note: a license from Telerik is required)
    status: simple controls are working, more complex ones are in progress, a demo app will be published soon
  • Support for many JS-based libraries (Kendo UI, Syncfusion Essential JS, DevExtreme...)
    status: now supported: Kendo UI Grid and Editor, Syncfusion Spreadsheet and RichTextEditor, DevExtreme DataGrid, SelectBox, Switch, and TextBox - we are working to package these controls
    (note: a license from the component vendor will be required)
  • Support for Open RIA Services
    status: we got it working locally, we are now packaging it
  • Support for MEF
    status: now supported in the latest OpenSilver - just add a reference to the .NET Standard version of the "System.ComponentModel.Composition" NuGet package
  • Support for MVVMLight
    status: now supported with the fork available here - we are going to publish it as a NuGet package
  • Support for PRISM and other 3rd party libraries
    status: please keep an eye on the "3rd-party libraries" section of the documentation
  • Improved documentation
    status: the work-in-progress documentation is now available here
  • More case studies and success stories


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