Silverlight Migration Support Packages

We offer migration support packages tailored to your needs.


Migration Starter Pack

Did you recently start migrating from Silverlight to OpenSilver? We recommend this package to put yourself in the right direction and to have good visibility of the road ahead.

It includes everything to quickly get up and running, to understand the basics of the migration, to successfully compile your Silverlight code with OpenSilver, and to understand how to overcome the specific challenges of your app.

  • Resource: Senior OpenSilver Developer
  • Price: USD 6,000 - 60 hours (additional hours at $110/hr)
  • Includes:
    • Setting up the OpenSilver development environment and getting up and running
    • Understanding the main steps and the best practices of a migration from Silverlight
    • Successfully compiling your Silverlight code with OpenSilver
    • Understanding what's involved to get the client/server communications to work (WCF, SOAP, RIA Services...)
    • Understanding how to overcome the main specific challenges of your app


Perf Optimization Pack

Have you already migrated an application and are you looking for a way to improve its performance? Achieving the same or even better performance than Silverlight is possible but some optimization techniques need to be applied to your application code. Our OpenSilver architect is here to put you in the right direction and give you the best practices to achieve the best performance.

  • Resource: OpenSilver Architect
  • Price: USD 9,000 - 65 hours (additional hours at $150/hr)
  • Includes:
    • Best practices & techniques to optimize the application code
    • Identify the performance issues of your application
    • Performance improvements


Small App Migration/POC Pack

Want to migrate end-to-end a small Silverlight app, or work on a Proof-of-Concept for a large application? We are here to help!

  • Resource: Senior OpenSilver Developer
  • Price: USD 12,000 - 120 hours (additional hours at $110/hr)
  • Includes:
    • Assessment of OpenSilver
    • Migrate a small application concept (end-to-end)
    • Help with big project assessment or migrate smaller apps end-to-end


Ad-Hoc Support

Looking for ad-hoc support while migrating to OpenSilver using YOUR developers? Our team of experts can help!

  • Resource: Senior OpenSilver Developer or OpenSilver Architect
  • Price: Pay As you Go - Billed Monthly
  • Includes:
    • Help with Migration
    • Hire an OpenSilver Developer/Architect to work with your team



About our resources:

  • An OpenSilver Developer is a seasoned developer with several years of experience in C#, XAML and .NET and who has been a key contributor towards End-to-End customized migration projects for OpenSilver, having delivered at least 3 successful migration projects. An OpenSilver Developer focuses on compiling code with OpenSilver, migrating supported controls and fixing bugs associated with migrations.
  • An OpenSilver Architect is an expert developer from the core engineering team of OpenSilver that has delivered OpenSilver features and actively works on OpenSilver commits. An OpenSilver Architect focuses on OpenSilver performance optimization and new features support.



  • Support will be delivered by email and/or remote assistance via web meeting (Teams/Zoom)
  • Userware will provide an initial response to support package requests within 2 business days
  • Work hours of OpenSilver developers are Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 5:00PM CET/CEST. Special timings can be arranged, requested and scheduled by communicating them to the OpenSilver team

For more details on the support packs, or to engage an OpenSilver Developer for end-end migration help, please contact us.


Purchase options:

Userware accepts support payments by credit and debit cards. Invoicing and bank transfers can be arranged. Cancellation of support plans won’t result in a prorated refund.

In addition to the support packs above, we also offer Monthly Support Subscriptions and End-End Migrations options (contact us).



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