Get a Silverlight Migration Support Plan

Want to migrate from Silverlight to OpenSilver on your own?

Put yourself in the right direction and get up to speed with custom support! It includes everything you need to quickly get up and running.



Support Plan & Options

Our support plan is designed to accelerate time to value and minimize risk.

It includes:

  • Access to do-it-yourself migration-related resources (guides, video tutorials, tools, pre-releases…)
  • Starting from 10 to any number of hours of dedicated support, assistance, custom development, workshops, and training. Feel confident knowing your development has been set up for success, by relying on our experts and leveraging our experience. Topics include:
    • Setting up the development environment and getting up and running
    • Getting your migrated project to compile
    • Implementing or working around missing features
    • Dealing with 3rd-party libraries
    • Debugging runtime issues
    • Q&A sessions
    • Optional: Architectural overview with our senior software engineers
    • Optional: Feature-by-feature detailed action plan
    • Optional: Custom development
    • Optional: Advanced training

Send us your XAP for a custom quote, or contact us by email to discuss a support plan.*




(*) If you are not sharing your XAP, calculating the number of lines of code can help us get you an accurate quote on the support you would need. To calculate the number of lines of code, open your solution with Visual Studio, select the Silverlight projects to migrate, and click the menu "Analyze" -> "Calculate Code Metrics" -> "For Solution". Please note that you can ignore server-side projects and projects of other type. However, if your Silverlight application references compiled Silverlight assemblies, you will need to get the source code of those assemblies and count their number of lines too, because those assemblies will need to be migrated with the application (unless they are from 3rd parties or .NET-standard compatible).


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